Sunday, 26 April 2009

Just wanna share.. hope its not illegal.. huhu..

These are Farzana's teachers journals. They will write journal every week telling that they're doing this week n going to do next week. Hope we can make use of these and not illegal for me to share it here.. huhu..
(Abg tak blk lunch -> of course bekalkan dah, so Fatin ade masa to spare.. huhu)

Journal by Farzana's English teacher

Scientist week
by Laura Stetler, 2009-04-26, 11:55pm

Dear Families,

Please excuse the tardiness of this update, but as I was ill on Friday, I did not have my routine end to the week, and honestly did not think about writing my weekly update. I do apologize and hope you find this informative.

This past week, we all became scientists. Students kept very informational scientific notebooks, which included a process, hypothesis, and conclusion. Reminding you that this is just an introduction to those terms, everyone did an exceptional job and understanding that something must be prepared, you need to think about what will happen, and then finally, a reaction occurs.

We invited some silk worms into our classroom this week, and they became the title to our first experiment, which will not have a conclusion for a few weeks yet, however, students are enjoying watching them eat, grow, and even spin little silk cocoons. Students made a prediction, or a hypothesis, as to what will happen to the silk worms. There were some very interesting ideas.

Among our many experiments this week, we made a volcano, produced invisible ink, made impressions on dark paper through sunlight, and even turned a raw egg to rubber. Not every experiment worked as we thought; however, that’s what happens in a scientist’s world. Not everything seems as it should.

Maybe our most exciting experiment of the week was turning a completely raw egg, with the shell, into rubber. It was a very simple experiment, requiring only vinegar and an egg, but students were really engaged. Last week we learned about doctors and dentists and discussed how we keep our bodies and teeth healthy. We discussed acid, such as found in cola and fruit, and how too much of it could eat away at the enamel on our teeth. The vinegar, in which we submerged the egg, was representative of the acid we eat and drink everyday. The shell of the egg was representative of the enamel on our teeth. Students learned that through drinking too much cola, and eating/drinking things with a high volume of acid, our enamel can break down over time. After leaving the egg submerged in vinegar for 3 days, we opened the container up and found that the egg shell had been completely eaten away and what was left was just the inside of the egg, and it actually bounced when dropped from only a few inches high. Students had a great time exploring the egg, and when we popped it, we found that it was just a normal egg inside, but, even the yolk felt a little rubbery.

This coming week we will be turning our attention to the profession of a chef. We will be exploring what a chef does and making some interesting concoctions! I can’t wait to see what students come up with! They will partially in charge of the planning for the week, as we will be making a menu together in class.

We hope everyone had a great weekend!

~Laura & Janet

Journal by Farzana's Chinese/Mandarin teacher

by Linda, 2009-04-24, 12:50pm

(translated by google)
Cognitive Science activities this week, the children with pictures of several common understanding of traffic signs, such as: zebra crossing, traffic lights, cut-lines, car parks, etc., combined with the daily experience, the simple understanding of the use of these traffic signs. Social activities, the children first of all, watch the computer through the video player, understanding the role of traffic police directing traffic and awareness of the various movements of the traffic police have expressed how the traffic signal, and then the traffic police in the classroom to imitate the action directing traffic, the traffic police experience hard. Language activities, children learn a new children's "traffic lights." Combination of children's songs also had a "traffic light" game, on the one hand, to enhance children's awareness of traffic rules, on the other hand, the children through play exercise control over the body, according to the signal, the coordination of body movements. Music activities, we can learn a new song "mini-driver", the children singing the driver to drive to imitate the moves freely through the activities room, experience the joy of small car drivers. Art activities, children's graffiti, imitating the design of a number of traffic signs and signs on the use of these building blocks to build the road to the city to simulate the manufacture of a "road", and extended to a city. The children also produced a do-it-yourself walking down the street people in vehicles on the road, the lake, such as a moving boat. Next week we will briefly introduce the "cooks" the profession, and to sum up this topic, Zhou has been uploaded to the site, but also posted in the classroom next

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