Monday, 23 February 2009

Rough Morning..

I had a rough morning.. things just didnt come up good.. I was in hurry in preparing breakfast, Farzana meals box, Abg lunch pack as well as making some instant roti canai for my love ones.. these are for their breakfast as well as to make it easier for Abg later in preparing Farzana meals box. We had roti canai n beef curry for breakfast and Abg said he's quite busy n wanted to bring lunch box. But he wanted nasi goreng his style. He wanted to fry it himself but things just happened. Farizah vomited early in the morning. Vomiting milk thingy and later as we were rushing walking outside to catch a taxi, Farzana vomited as well.. again.. just milk.. I dont know what's wrong with San Yuan fresh milk that morning.. we all take San Yuan fresh milk.. daily about 1.8L for the whole family. 1 big bottle. Farzana kept on asking us to send her to school but Abg insisted she stays at home. Since we're already outside, after clean Farzana at a nearby toilet, we rushed to hospital as I have 9am appointment. I need to make this one coz I already skipped last week. (ngelat tanak g sbb Dr cam nak Fatin deliver awal n I was so afraid if they do anything to speed up things/progress.. I do need to wait for my parents to arrive safely..) in the taxi, Farizah vomited again.. abis ngan Ayah pun kene sbb Ayah dukung Farizah.. and again while I was examined by the Dr. Farzana lak vomited again soon after that. What a rough day haa.. couldn't believe things could just go so wrong.. tp Fatin sempat lagi tukar cadar pagi tuh after both of them looks okay.. back at home.. both girls seem calmed n relaks.. even later dancing together following to the music which really give me good feeling..

it really break my heart watching them sick.. Now both of them are sleeping.. relief.. no more vomiting but Farizah didnt take much lunch.. Farzana mkn juga.. but then ckp rase sick again.. brought her to toilet but no vomit.. moga Farzana n Farizah getting better asap.. gtg.. Farizah's awaking..

I just want to share the recipe as I hate to have to visit my fp again and again for recipes.. gonna shutdown fp later when I have time.. update about my daughters, I think Farizah is getting okay.. even crying asking for milk which give us not much choice.. mlm sebelum tido.. her routine.. but I gave them newly opened fresh milk and boiled as well.. Mama's sure freaking out watching her daughter get sick aaaa.. but Farzana did vomit again after she woke up from afternoon nap.. n still at times say I'm sick n want to go to toilet.. (nak vomit) harap budak2 ok jer.. get well soon dears..

ROTI CANAI (Mr. Niceghost99 from forum

3 cups flour
1 - 1.5 cups water
1 tablespoon margarine
salt to taste
2 tablespoons condensed milk
1 tablespoon cooking oil
Extra margarine

Method :

1. Mix well water, salt and condensed milk
2. Add the liquid into the flour bit by bit if kneading manually
pour the whole amount into the flour if using machine
3. Add in cooking oil
4. Add in margarine
5. Knead to form a soft dough. Leave it covered with a damp cloth for about 30 minutes.
6. Divide the dough into 10 portion and mould into balls.
7. Coat the balls with margarine so that they won't stick to each other. Leave to rest for not less than 2 hours.
8. Spread (tebar as we say it in Malay) each ball on a smooth surface to form a very thin layer. Fold the four sides into the middle and fry.
9. Enjoy.


  1. Alhamdulillah.. Announcing my 1st nephew!! k.fatin dah slamat gives birth to a cute baby boy.. :) Smoga cepat upload gamba.. kakak zahraa nk tgk gamba adek H****.. hehe

  2. fatin, congrats dpt baby boy!! :D

  3. waaaaaaaa suda bersalin....congratulations on the arrival of the much awaited baby boy!!have plenty of rest and enjoy confinement ya...sure farzana and farizah overexcited ni..hehehe...

  4. salam kak fatin,

    nama saya wanee...saya blajar kat kenal adik kak fatin, kak fedy.

    just nak kongsi pendapat...tak silap wanee sbb anak kak fatin tgh recover from muntah2 (most probably due to viral gastroentoritis), kak fatin should have not give them milk immediately as milk is high in protein (a complex substance)...nnti perut tambah sakit sbb kena kerja keras utk digest protein on top of the inflammation process due to gastroenteritis. Should try to maintain hydration with water+juice instead. Then introduce back milk slowly. if symptom persist/worsen...kena bawak gi jumpa doctor la pulak.

    hehe...pandai2 jeh wanee ni...maybe itu yg kak fatin buat pun.