Sunday, 8 February 2009


this morning Fatin g hantar Farzana g sekolah.. tolak stroller.. after all.. its good exercise for me too! sgt seronok sbb leh jalan2 kat luar.. kalu tak.. Fatin stuck je kat rumah.. huhu.. Farizah? oh, she's with Ayah dia.. so Fatin kene quick juga la.. sbb Ayah nak g keje juga kan.. tp b4 Farzana g school.. Ayah tak g keje awal.. anyway.. its such a happy n good day.. have a good day everyone!

note:- i read my sister's blog saying she has no maid now.. i pray that Allah make things go easier for her.. surely tough as she need concentration as well in furthering her study thingy..