Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Bawang Merah Bawang Putih..

nih fwd yg Fatin terima from a friend.. takut hilang sbb rase cam menarik n worth trying.. Fatin serabut byk mende sbnrnyer berkenaan pindah nih.. ntah laa.. belum ape2 Fatin dah rase Singapore sgt tak best.. awal2 dtg Singapore pun nak kene cheat ngan taxi driver.. ntah laa.. ingatkan Singapore nih civilize sikit.. cam lebih kurang Beijing je.. maybe a bit lebih civilize.. cuma Beijing brg tak mahal.. shopping best.. hehe.. here.. hmmm.. mostly mahal.. ntah laa.. ok la.. I should go through tenancy agreement.. y do I have to do everything? (everything ker Fatin?)

Food for thought; there's no harm trying.....

In 1919 when the flu killed 40 million people there was this Doctor that visited the many farmers to see if he could help them combat the flu.

Many of the farmers and their family had contracted
it and many died.

The doctor came upon this one farmer and to his surprise, everyone was very healthy. When the doctor asked what the farmer was doing that was different the wife replied that she had placed an unpeeled onion in a dish in the rooms of the home, (probably only two rooms back then). The doctor couldn't believe it and asked if he could have one of the onions and place it under the microscope. She gave him one and when he did this, he did find the flu virus in the onion. It obviously absorbed the bacteria, therefore, keeping the family healthy.

Now, I heard this story from my hairdresser in
AZ. She said that several years ago many of her employees were coming down with the flu and so were many of her customers. The next year she placed several bowls with onions around in her shop. To her surprise, none of her staff got sick. It must work.

(And no, she is not in the onion business.)

The moral of the story is, buy some onions and place
them in bowls around your home. If you work at a desk, place one or two in your office or under your desk or even on top somewhere. Try it and see what happens. We did it last year and we never got the flu.

If this helps you and your loved ones from getting sick, all the better. If you do get the flu, it just might be a mild case.

Whatever, what have you to lose? Just a few
bucks on onions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now there
is a P. S. to this for I sent it to a friend in Oregon who regularly contributes material to me on health issues. She replied with this most interesting experience about onions:

thanks for the reminder.

I don't know about the farmers story...but, I do know that I contacted pneumonia and needless to say I was very ill...I came across an article that said
to cut both ends off an onion put one end on a fork
and then place the forked end into an empty jar...placing the jar next to the sick patient at night. It said the onion would be black in the morning from the germs...sure enough it happened just like that...the onion was a mess and I began to feel better.

Another thing I read in
the article was that onions and garlic placed around the room saved many from the black plague years ago. They have powerful antibacterial, antiseptic properties.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Great World City

kami g Great World City masa kami dok di hotel before.. masa kat Furama Frontview Hotel and Riverview Hotel.. both hotel located kat Havelock Rd.. Furama Frontview Hotel ade restoran halal; Kintamanis Restaurant. so from both hotels, kami jalan kaki je g Great World City. tp lebih mudah dan dekat sikit from Riverview Hotel sbb kami dgn stroller.. kalu takde komitment anak.. Fatin akan lebih selesa dok Furama Hotel.. service bagus..

anyway, ape yg menarik di Great World City nih? ade outlet yg Fatin suka (walaupun belum pernah shopping sini sbb brg pun harga mahal kan..) kene tunggu sales n kalu ade sales diskaun byk brg yg maybe Fatin perlu or interested sgt2.. maybe la.. so brand ape tuh? Laura Ashley.. huhuhu.. Fatin suka brand nih sbb baju Laura Ashley yg Mama belikan kat Fatin.. Fatin suka n selesa pakai.. skirt yg Dilah belikan pula Fatin pakai berlasak n sgt suka! although lebih byk pakai kat rumah je sbb cam rase singkat sikit skirt nih.. thanks Mama n Lah.. masa dok hotel dulu, ade masa sales tuh, Fatin berkenan tau satu baju nih tau.. kat Laura Ashley.. tp tgk harga mai aii 200SGD++, although ade tag tanda diskaun.. Fatin tak check terus kuar kedai.. ehehehhe.. mahal nya mak ai! huhu.. takpe laa.. tunggu kalu eprlu sgt laa.. for the time being.. baju yg ade byk bole pakai lagi.. huhuhuhu.. anyway.. ade byk brand lain such as Zara dll.. ade juga Cold Storage utk beli grocerries..

floor atas sekali ade kedai2 grooming utk anak2; ie golf for kid, zfencing (belajar main pedang tuh), and girl grooming kot..

makanan halal di Great World City lak ade Sundanese Restaurant, Burger King, McD, Coffee Beans and opposite jalan dekat taxi area depan 7Eleven, ade restoran Padang.

Bank ade UOB Bank.. ok la juga pendek kata Great World City nih.. ade kediaman juga bangunan office..

m suppose to do lots of other stuffs.. tp malas.. hehe.. menaip la kejap.. huhuhu.. ok.. better gi ironing.. sementara dok sini.. iron baju2 Abg/baju2 nak pakai kot.. hehe.. save duit electric kami nanti kot.. uhuhuhuhu.. electrik mahal wooo!! hehe.. layan la si crazy fatin nih eh.. huhu.. ;) (pasal td tgh hari tensen berlari sorg2 which is buat Fatin sorg2 rase.. penat nya.. takpe2.. be tough, ingat anak.. huhu.. ok korang, have a nice day! byk2 bersabar dlm menghadapi ujian hidup.. kiter semua diuji dgn ujian yg kiter mampu tangani.. kalu kiter rase kiter susah, percayalah.. ade yg lebih susah drpd kiter.. so bersyukur lah.. chewah! ckp cam bagus.. huhu..

Swensens & Seoul Garden

last weekend sgt la penat.. rasenyer most of the time now our mode will be penat.. penat.. penat.. hehe.. weekend g survey cari ape yg patut.. survey harga TV yg tak sudah2.. huhu.. sambil2 g jalan2 cari makan.. haha.. so Sabtu survey kat BEST @ City Square Mall (depan condo kami dok skang je, hehe.. beli2 grocerries.. lunch @Swensens which cost us 72++SGD.. tp boleh claim.. so ok lah.. in fact.. this whole weekend Fatin maybe tak masak sgt or tak masak langsung since we need some receipts.. huhu.. b4 belanjan beringat.. better boleh belanja lagi kan drpd over belanja.. hehe.. ptg g Court Mega Mall kat Tampines lak.. besar sungguh.. ade IKEA yg Mega Mall juga.. (tp tak sempat g.. will try to go there these few days) and Giant yg sgt giant bak kata Ayah.. hehe.. (pun tak dan nak g gak)

Ahad lak.. kami ade meeting and 2nd viewing dgn tuan punya flat kami bakal duduk nanti.. since we plan to meet up at 9am.. so we have to start early! Ayah did a very wonderful help/job that day! thank you Abg.. we've got to see flat tuh again to get measurement for curtain and see how to arrange where to put fridge and washer.. insya-Allah brg2 masuk Jumaat nih.. Sasbtu 31st lak.. jika Allah izinkan.. brg smpi dan mula la kehidupan kami di 'rumah' baru kami.. tp masa tuh.. sgt2 la sibuk sbb brg2 byk giler! sorry guna perkataan kasar sikit.. almost 70 boxes and bed and sofas and drawer cabinet that just bought! camne la nak kemas.. Fatin takleh imagine camne kami nanti.. mover nih patut leh help with unpack n kalu furnitures yg dorang cabut.. dorang leh pasang siap sumer.. tp since kami beli baru.. Abg kata tak mungkin dorang nak pasangkan mende baru sbb takut dorang yg buat rosak.. adulahai.. langsir pun tade sumer byk sgt benda!
pening n serabut rasenyer sbnrnyer tau.. harap Allah permudahkan lah kami since kami kene hadapi sendirian with 3 small children! honestly Fatin pun tak tahu bape lama kami perlu masa utk kemas n settle sumer.. hmmm.. Ya Allah, permudahkan la urusan kami.. after meeting n viewing flat.. kami g Orchard Rd.. up to Takashimaya honestly.. g cuci2 mata tgk betulkan ade sales.. n Takashimaya ade sales since 8th Oct till 25th semlm.. tp tak beli ape pun.. then up to Lunch kat Seoul Garden.. buffet masak sendiri yg best act.. tp susah nyer kami nak makan dgn anak2 kecil nih.. u've got to cook food/meat/seafood ur self.. kat Malaysia pun gak kalu ikut kan.. tp kami tak pernah g.. hehe.. and since Sunday is family day.. each child with an adult eat for free.. 3-9yrs old.. nanti ade masa Fatin upload gmbr.. pass tuh, survey BEST kat situ gak.. again n again.. then solat Zohor & Asar.. jalan2 sikit2 lagi.. pastuh blk.. kepenatan yg amat.. but malam g gak blk BEST depan condo nih n beli kipas.. flat tuh nanti tade kipas ape.. huwaaa.. ade 2 biji aircond jer.. takkan nak beraircond je kan.. jenuh nak bayar bill nanti.. hehe.. ntah la good offer ker.. kipas berdiri with remote n leh gerak kanan kiri atas bawah n with 6 speed harga 89SGD.. about RM220+- laa.. worth ker? kalu ikut tuh offer la.. harga asal 198SGD.. huhuhu.. kami both tak tahu harga.. tp pk kipas perlu n offer cam menarik n habis semlm jer.. hangkut je la satu.. sbb mmg nak guna.. kan.. kot.. huhu.. ok la all.. Fatin tak tahu Fatin ade masa nak update lagi ke blog lepas nih... but if I have the time to.. would to tell about Great World City (Mall) as well as Mustafa Centre.. signing out! bye.. nak kene siap g bawa anak2 lunch! Mama tak masak skang.. hehe..

Thursday, 22 October 2009

City Square Mall

City Square Mall
Kitchener Road
nearest MRT Ferrer Park? Ferrer something la.. hehe..

Fatin busan.. stressed a bit sbb rase macam stuck takleh bergerak dgn anak2.. huhu.. nak kuar it is not that easy.. alone with 3! semlm Fatin bawa anak g City Square Mall opposite jalan je City Square Residences nih.. memula okay laa.. even though sure tak mudah.. Hariz dlm carrier, Farzana n Farizah berpegangan tgn.. Fatin pegang salah sorg jer.. pegang tgn Farizah n Farizah pegang tgn dgn kakak Farzana.. huhuhu.. jalan kene keep eye kat dorang.. takut sgt kalu hilang drpd pandangan mata.. then masa kat Fair Price.. dlm City Square Mall tuh.. beli grocerries sikit.. Farizah nampak pisang dan nak makan pisang on the spot.. ckp kat dia kene bayar dulu.. dia tak faham.. dah tuh menjerit la sekuat hati.. huwaaa.. tensen n malu Fatin.. dah la selalu org ingat n pandang cam Fatin nih maid.. uhuhuhu.. nak buat camne.. kat service apartment biasa nya mmg org tak jaga sendiri anak.. biasa org ade maid.. (tp dulu kat Beijing pun Fatin mmg jaga sendiri, tp org dah kenal Fatin takpe la..) org bukan jeling2 je tau.. buat2 pandang n jalan depan kiter tgk ape yg berlaku nih.. uhuhuhu.. tanya n etc.. dorang akan stop sangka Fatin maid biasanya bila Farzana panggil Mama or bila Farizah peluk kaki Fatin bila nampak org n takut.. (Farizah panggil Fatin as Ayah juga, nak buat camne.. yg sorg nih asyik Ayah Ayah je..) so lepas bayar je terus amik satu bagi Farizah then Farzana.. bebudak lapar sgt rupanya.. masa tuh pun dlm kol 4pm++ dorang tido b4 tuh after lunch (Farzana tertido lepas penat main2 or bosan..dunno which one..) Fatin terpaksa kejut kan dorang bgn sbb Abg call ckp nak passports n nak cepat so Fatin kene turun pass je kat Abg.. so cuma siapkan dorang bawa pee then off we go!

anyway.. nak citer pasal City Square Mall.. near to Mustafa Center and opposite je City Square Residences.. since City Square Mall nih dekat Mustafa Center.. kwsn ramai Muslim juga.. byk la outlet makanan halal.. fast food kat Spore nih halal, insya-Allah.. ade tanda halal pun.. so agak sennag la juga nak mkn.. ade Burger King, McD (belum bukak @ d moment), KFC, Pizza Hut, BBQ Chicken, Swensens, Old Chang Kee, Royal ape ntah jual kek n etc kat tingkat 2 kot, so pendek kata utk makan agak senang laa.. huhu.. so far yg kami penah makan, Burger King, BBQ Chicken n semlm beli nuggets n cam sotong celup tepung kat Old Chang Kee n oh yer ade sekali tuh beli kek kat kedai Royal ape ntah tuh.. sbb Farzana nak American Brownies kat situ.. tanya dia kata halal so beli la.. utk grocerries boleh beli di Fair Price or Mustafa Center pun boleh.. dekat je.. jalan 5 mins je.. (tp kalu termasuk masa kene tunggu utk cross jalan.. maybe lebih sikit) so pendek kata senang la kalu nak cari makanan halal.. huhu.. bila la nak leh g makan kat Swensens nih.. hehe.. sementara makan2 leh claim nih la better g makan kan.. huhuhu.. but since kami dah ade 3 anak.. totally makan luar takut tak cukup plus takkan anak nak mkn outside food everyday kan.. plus susah nak bergerak.. so Fatin masak la juga.. cam since last 3 days.. makan ayam je.. ayam goreng + telur mata kerbau, ayam perap kicap cam ala2 grill dgn nuggets from Old Chang Kee n ayam celup tepung hehhehe.. dah beli ayam je arituh.. dgn kuali satu n sudip satu.. hehe.. kat Mustafa Center.. will do an entry pasal Mustafa Center lak lain kali..

saje taip semua nih utk rujukan sendiri dan sape2 berminat tmpt2 di Spore.. sementara belum start busy.. huhu..

since, City Square Mall baru bukak.. byk la outlets dlm tuh yg buat promotions.. yg best but Fatin lambat la tahu.. huhu.. every spend above 50SGD, kiter leh redeem $5.. huwaaa.. nape la tak tahu awal2.. makan kat situ.. resit amik combine2 resit leh amik redeem $5 tuh.. hmm.. so semlm la Fatin amik satu redeem.. redeem must be made within 3 days je.. and 1 time per day per person.. Selasa makan kat BBQ Chicken.. semlm beli kat Fair Price.. Old Chang Kee.. kene beli something lagi sikit nih nak redeem $5.. sbb belum cukup spend $50.. uhuhuhu.. ok laa.. bagitau pulak.. sorry laa.. saya tgh nak lepas perasaan nih.. uhuhuhu.. sape suruh baca! hehe..

cop till 3rd Nov je kot.. tp voucher valid till dec.. lupa dah bape dec

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

BBQ Chicken (Korean), City Square Mall

BBQ Chicken (Korean), City Square Mall
Kitchener Road (near Syed Alwi Road), near Mustafa Centre
1st in The World To Use 100% Olive Oil

sekarang nih kami tinggal di City Square Residences hingga akhir bulan nih. Ini under temporary living dan harap sgt tak tunda dah utk masuk flat sendiri.. nak juga la betul2 settle down kan.. duduk rumah sendiri (rumah sewa sbnrnyer) hehe..

semlm Fatin g BBQ Chicken utk kali kedua.. its a Halal Korean restoran.. City Square Mall nih tgh promotion.. baru bukak.. maka BBQ Chicken pun dok sibuk wat balloon gas helium yg balloon naik atas tuh.. so masa first time g (Sabtu lepas kot dgn Abg..) food dia rase ok la juga.. ayam goreng dia, dia goreng dgn Olive Oil.. healthy la kan.. tp mahal kan.. tp makanan dia ok la juga.. nak kata mahal sgt.. tak juga.. murah pun tak juga.. mahal sikit la drpd fast food kat sini.. masa Sabtu, Abg order Steak Korean style kot.. lupa dah.. Fatin amik ayam goreng n utk anak2 pun amik ayam honey strips.. about 48sgd juga habis dgn mango juice and coffee lotte kot..

then semlm Fatin g alone dgn anak2, Fati order pasta with white sauce serve together with crispy chicken.. anak2 Fatin amik sama.. Chicken Honey Strips.. then ade sorg waiter dia tanya Fatin, nak ais krim tak.. Fatin tanya halal ke.. dia kata sini semua halal.. restoran nih chefs n almost semua pekerja org Korea, except sorg dua waiter/waitress.. selain aiskirm free Fatin juga dpt 20% off voucher for next visit and anak2 dpt 4 balloon ikat tuh dan 2 balloon panjang dorang buat rupa cam binatang2 tuh.. huhuhu.. cam pening je ayat Fatin.. sorry laa.. tiring and serabut dgn Hariz tgh nangis.. hehe.. anak tgh nangis pun leh taip lagi.. nak abis kan entry nih yg dah start taip since td lagi..

doakan Mak Tok & Tok Ayah Farzana, Farizah & Hariz dapatkan jalankan ibadat Haji dengan baik dan sempurna.. moga meraka dapat haji mabrur.. supaya tak sia2 Ayah kelam kabut blk alone mlm semlm then tido few hrs je kot sbb kol 2.30am mereka masih di Tabung Haji Kelana Jaya.. flight asal Ayah return to Spore pun terlepas.. tade rezeki.. sian Ayah..

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Straight Kitchen, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Singapore

Straight Kitchen, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Singapore
Scotts Road (near to Orchard Road)

Weekend lepas, kami menghabiskan masa dengan cari/beli survey barangan2 elektronik, fridge dan washer booked kat Courts.. TV masih dalam survey juga barang2 lain.. microwave ntah la KIV dulu or Abg survey.. bila pindah rumah/flat kosong nih.. byk duit mmg kene pakai.. hmmm.. mmg byk duit.. hehehhe.. poning kepala.. Fatin dengan ABg lak berbeza pendapat.. I'm only going for offer cheap2 one.. Abg lak.. org laki kot suka yg latest2 techno nih.. (of course kalu ade offer abg nak yg itu.. tp still lagi mahal kan..) Fatin asal boleh guna buat ape kerja main yg perlu (bukan la yg outdated sgt) then beli yg murah2 sudahla.. Abg lak.. nih yg lama bla2.. rosak la.. itu la ini la.. hmm.. susah2..

anyway.. semlm last Sunday kami g buffet lunch kat Straight Kitchen, Grand Hyatt Hotel.. bila Fatin search kat internet for list of halal food kat Spore nih.. so Straight Kitchen salah satu yg listed out and recomended by many.. cuma nya sgt la mahal.. 41sgd for adult.. hehe.. Fatin lak lupa.. search b4 raya dulu.. tp tak berkesempatan.. dan since nih utk temporary living kiterorg mmg perlu resit utk claim.. ape lagi.. amik la peluang g makan kan.. hehe.. (kot2 nanti tak merasa.. huhuhu..) mahal ape 41sgd++ per person.. dlm rm100 sorg! (total Abg bayar 96.50sgd!)mujur budak2 dorang tak charge.. cam kami anak2 kecil n ramai nih.. rugi kalu kene charge sbb budak2 bukan makan byk pun.. foods were good.. really.. Fatin g tuh teringat kat Mama Abah sbb Mama Abah selalu bawa kami makan2 kat hotel nih utk ape2 occasions.. birthday ke.. celebarations for our good results n saje2 ker.. anyway.. food selections yg ade sgt la byk.. kami tak termakan semua dan kekenyangan (Fatin n ABg tak makan dinner dah.. mmg kenyang).. g kol 12++ kuar kol 3++pm.. hehe.. dgn anak2 susah juga nak makan kan.. plus byk food nak rase/makan.. so mmg amik masa la.. itu pun sbb kol 3pm dapur dorang tutup.. hehe.. n nak kene blk solat Zohor lak.. isk.. rugi.. tak dan nak jalan2 kat Orchard..

so, ade stalls for Laksa Singapore (tried-share with Abg), Laksa Udang (nope), mee ape ntah lagi nampak dgn sup (nope), Roasted Duck(anak2 n Abg tried), (Nasi Ayam Hainan (tried, Farizah ate nasi ayam dgn roasted duck sbb Fatin la tersilap amik.. ingatkan roasted chicken since dorang letak sekali kat situ.. huhu), Chinese Rojak (tried-share), and few more kot.. Ini semua selections of chinese food.

Malaynyer kot.. ade Nasi, rendang2, ayam grilled kot.. satay.. masakan style kg kot ade nampak sambal belacan kot then macam2 ulam/sayur kot.. huhu.. tak perhatikan sgt.. (honestly Fatin tak cuba nasi2 cuma mkn satay je.. (Abg mkn cuma tak lupa nak tanya sedap ke) then bhgn goreng2, ade juga nasi goreng, kueh teow (my fav, tak pedas, Farzana pun suka n makan.. cuma dia asyik dok asingkan taugeh dll.. dia cuma nak mkn kueh teow jer..) crab meat goreng camne ntah.. sorry lupa.. ade ikan kecil goreng celup tepung dll.. mostly bhgn nih Fatin/kami cuba semua)

masakan bhgn India, kami tak cuba pun kecuali roti canai n capati sbb Farzana nak makan roti canai.. ade nasi dgn kari2 dll.. Fatin tgk dr jauh jer..

then ade popia basah (tried-sedap!), kuih2 india (tried sikit2), kek lapis, kek pandan, kuih muih, kuih yg pulut bawah hijau kat atas tuh.. kuih ape ye nama dia? cant remember nih.. fav Mama Fatin tuh.. egg tart n etc.. mostly cuba kuih2 here..

then ade desert.. ais-krim (durian flavour dia sedap sgt.. hyatt nyer durian aiskrim.. teringat mama sukan aiskrim durian.. huhu..), ais kacang pun ade nampak org makan.. tp fatin tak tahu kat ne.. pendek kata macam2 la ade.. minuman pula, few selection of apple, grapefruit, barli, asam boi, rose bandung, ape lagi eh..

pendek kata.. it is worth makan situ specially utk org yg kuat makan.. sbb makanan mmg sedap.. cuma harga pun harga hotel la kan.. hyatt pun after all.. hehe.. so kalu sape2 g spore n leh claim n perlu resit utk claim ur meals.. go to straight kitchen.. kalu nak g makan saje2 pun.. sila la.. hehe.. fancy lunch once a while kan.. huhuhuhu..

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


best ade play water kot.. huhuhu.. ptg td sempat lagi bawa anak2 turun main playground.. gmbr tak amik pula td sbb dok jaga Farizah manjat.. Hariz nak berdukung n nyusu.. huhuhu.. esok ade masa nak bawa dorang main kot.. tp camne nak jaga eh? kene pakai baju mandi.. hmmm.. yg sebelah tuh.. cam air terjun org duduk bawah air tuh cam urut pun.. biar air jatuh kat bahu or mane2 part kiter cam nak urut tuh.. (fatin dulu kalu g mandi air terjun suka dok bawah air kuat camtuh urut bahu..) camne nak explain eh.. faham2 la ye.. mini kiddy golf pun ade.. sebelah sgt sikit ade swimming pool utk adult..
gmbr kat service apartment.. tgh nak masuk kain dlm washing machine dok dgr krekk krekk.. Hariz dok tolak kerusi plastik dinner.. nih tgh mengelap dok berdiri depan tv lak.. jatuh sekali td.. adoi laa.. budak tgh membesar nih..
Tgk la kakak Farizah tertangkap tgh bagi adik Hariz makan biskut dia makan.. Farizah suka la nak share dgn adik dia ape dia makan.. pantang lepa mata kami! biskut chipsmore tuh! (lakonan semula tuh.. huhu..)

bilik junior suite smpi 2 biji tv besar camnih, then 2 bilik air.. highest floor lak tuh.. hmm.. tapi tak dan sgt pun nak tgk view2 kat luar..

saje nak letak update.. sbb rase cam asyik jawab soalan yg hampir sama from yg rapat/kenal dgn Fatin.. Fatin sekeluarga dah blk Spore blk.. hmmm.. penat.. blk last Sun, dok Riverview Hotel for 3 nights, then pindah City Square Residences, service apartment. Sekarang nih part of our expenses masih dalam tanggungan co Abg tuh.. dgn ade limit.. (partly sbb acoomodition, meals, and transportation je yg leh claim rasenya) phone, brg2 lain takleh utk temporary living nih.. akhir bulan nih.. harap nya, baru masuk flat kami.. (harap dpt awal sikit) harap leh la home sweet home or lebih tepat rumah ku syurga ku.. tp ntah la.. lately Fatin sgt la stressed out.. penat rase nyer bergerak camnih.. pindah randah.. dgn anak2 kecil 3 org lagi tuh.. sian kat dorang act.. ntah laa.. Fatin pun.. patut sabar lebih.. tp ntah laa.. nape pindah randah camnih? sbb nya accomodition till kami masuk flat sendiri ade limit.. dok hotel dgn 3 anak co amik suite.. junior suite jer.. per night abis la 280++sgd.. kalu 20 nights? or lebih.. ade yg kene kuar poket sendiri.. pastuh nape suites.. katanya bilik lain sumer tak boleh.. penuh la bla2.. bila check internet ade then camnih camtuh.. kene la label kami nih ngade2.. huhu.. patutnya terus masuk service apartment terus.. tp ade org tuh lupa nak wat arrangement awal2.. hmmm.. dah tuh sape mangsa? kami gak.. last min arrangement.. ini la hasil nya.. sbb limited kene la hadapi.. buat camnih.. kalu tak.. terlebih limit.. abg lak kene bayar.. kat service apartment nih sekarang semlm 230sgd.. bole masak.. plus dekat dgn mustafa centre n kwsn little india juga rasenya.. so makanan halal lebih senang n lebih byk.. (juga murah kot.. ok la..) td Abg beli dinner 3 bungkus nasi yg sgt byk.. tp lauk simple la about 11sgd je.. anak2 happy je bila masuk service apartment nih sbb lebih luas.. 2 bilik tidur.. then condo style.. ade macam2 kemudahan.. fatin mmg rekemen la dok sini.. mrt pun dekat.. ntah la.. masing2 laa.. smpi2 apartment nih td.. fatin tak leh nak letak hariz kat atas lantai sbb rase tak cukup bersih.. (though dorang dah bersihkan sebersih mungkin dah..) tp sbb fatin nyer kaki rase belengas.. lepas abg g keje.. (lepas break lunch) fatin lap lantai.. huhuhu.. terbongkok2 kelam kabut dgn berhenti nyusu hariz.. layan masalah kakak2.. basuh towel dan selimut blk yg diberi.. cadar sarung bantal tak sempat basuh blk sbb masa tak cukup dah.. (kang ade yg tido tade cadar susah lak) hmm.. masalah la fatin nih.. cam penyakit rase tak leh rase kotor.. tp fatin nya bukan rajin.. pastuh tensen la.. huhuhu.. teruk2.. nih dlm otak nih byk calculation lain dok buat.. hehe.. pening kepala nak tolong jimat duit suamiku.. huhuhu.. ntah laa.. saje je share gmbr2 kat atas tuh.. sbb Fatin pun tgk wahh.. cam best jer.. nanti lupa dah.. so buat kenangan kami..) kat spore nih merasa la dok tmpt2 camnih walau beberapa malam je pun.. uhuhuhu..

anyway.. saje nak wish Selamat Hari Raya Eidul Fitri.. Maaf Zahir & Batin.. gmbr raya Fatin byk upload kat fb.. nih sbb nak bercerita.. dok update la kat sini..