Thursday, 26 March 2009

A mother got to do what a mother got to do..

Honestly.. I never want to be too protective mother.. but..

We just came back from BJU Hospital.. brought lil Hariz for check up.. I called my husband's boss' wife asking for her opinion.. told Clara about Hariz's condition.. She used to be a nurse.. and of course she told me to bring Hariz to hospital.. and since I only slept for about 4 hrs (the most) last night.. (2hrs for 10pm to 12.30am, and then 5am till 6++ am), we decided we should just check.. just in case.. hope for nothing serious.. Dr checked everythings fine.. thanks you Allah.. its just normal discharge.. said the doctor.. some how got stuck.. maybe sebab dry air around.. then she just gave 'sucker' to suck any discharge liquid or dirt in Hariz's nose as well as saline water..

as its about time for Hariz next immunization.. second dose for Hepatitis B.. so we just do the vaccination.. and.. the nurse that came to give the vaccination (here the nurse will do the vaccination not doctor like in Malaysia..) is the same one that gave to Farizah & Farzana last time.. (2 girls had vaccination on the same day, for different immunization of course) I honestly.. dont like that nurse.. I was so stupid to be quiet last time as she gave the vaccination last time like stabbing.. pressing using her thumb.. about 90 degree and hold the injection needle using all the other fingers.. can u imagine? cam stab tuh? at that time (during Farizah's & Farzana's time) me and my husband couldnt believe our eyes, yet we said nothing.. so today.. as the same nurse came.. I asked Abg should we change the nurse as he also nodded she's the same nurse.. Abg said cam jangan buat hal la.. but I couldnt let that incident happened again.. I asked her how she's going to insert the needle.. she said its going to be 90 degree.. I said that's hurt.. can u lower the degree.. she said.. that's the way n some injection need to go to muscle and bla2.. I said.. I have 3 children already.. I've seen them all.. we know when its too painful and when its not, right? so I asked to give lower degree.. unless I'll change nurse.. she said okay.. but then argue that's how it's done.. so I told her.. its okay.. do u mind if other nurse do that? then I go out n observed nurses.. and I asked one nurse whom I believe not rough person to do it.. even Hariz cried.. but I know he just shocked because he was sleeping and it was just for a while.. then he just fall asleep back.. but last time.. Farzana & Farizah cried.. both of them and that rough nurse gave stickers later to Farzana to quiet her.. (and I gave chocolate to Farzana too..) I've been silly once to said nothing.. but not again.. specially Hariz is too little and the way she injected needle like stabbing u know! that rough nurse argued n complaint to other nurse whom later tried to talk to me even brought procedures how injection been done.. I'm not a doctor.. nor learning medicine.. but I'm a mother of 3! I might be naive.. but not stupid.. for once.. I had let my girls been hurt like that.. I felt like I was stabbed.. but I'll make sure it never happen again.. if I can of course.. the nurse who gave vaccination to lil Hariz asked the other nurse to leave.. this hospital is supposed to be a private-foreign hospital.. pricy hospital okay.. not that we want to go to this kind of hospital.. but we dont have much choice.. we need English speaking hosp.. and u know how much we were charged for the visit just now? its 1054 yuan (more than RM500!)

so please understand me if I just have to put my stand.. at times.. a mother got to do what a mother got to do.. what u girls think?

note: Abg showed me this later at night.. he searched in the internet.. luckily Hariz wasn't that cranky.. cuma nangis bangun tido bila tak boleh bernafas.. harap he'll get better soon.. as its already been for about 2 weeks already.. (Hariz's stuffed nose thingy)

Stuffy Nose Makes for a Stressed Baby (and Parent)

When a newborn gets a stuffy nose, it can be particularly irritating for both parent and child. "Babies under three months are what we call obligatory nose breathers, which simply means they won't breathe through their mouths. So when a baby gets a stuffy nose, it's inordinately stressful," says Douglas Holsclaw, M.D., professor of pediatrics and director of the Pediatric Pulmonary and Cystic Fibrosis Center at Hahnemann University Hospital in Philadelphia.
"Many parents come rushing into the emergency room or their pediatrician's office because their baby won't eat or sleep and is cranky all the time. It's because the baby's nose is stuffed. A baby cannot suck on a bottle or feed if he can't breathe through his nose."
To relieve an infant's stuffy nose, first use a bulb syringe or nasal aspirator to clear the nose of as much mucus as you can. Then fill a medicine dropper with saline solution. Holding the baby in your arms, positioned so that his head is slightly below the rest of his body, drop the saline into each nostril. You're doing it right if the saline hits the top of the baby's mouth, says Dr. Holsclaw. Immediately after spraying, hold the baby upright. Be sure to give one quick squirt in each nostril--so you don't "flood" the baby's nose with the saline.

By the way, Hariz's 4.68kg and 57cm (or 58cm, nurse memula checked 58cm, bila tengok banyak sgt growth, dia measured balik, which Fatin tak sempat tengok and recorded for 57cm) for his height.. when Hariz was borned, he was 3.5kg (or 3.48kg in doctor's record.. I don't understand why they just didnt put 3.48kg for official weight.. ker memang camnih?) and 50.5cm height rasenyer.. then last 9th of March, he was 3.79kg and 52cm, 12 days after he was borned..) I just put here for my future reference.. but even with stuffy nose n etc.. he's been growing.. that's the most important things.. TQ


  1. adoi laa.. lame xbukak blog k.faten dah mcm2 update! lah xpenah prasan care nurse inject cane.. huhu.. sbb xpenah tgk.. zahrin yg slalu tgk.. huhu.. tp rasenye lah lg la jenis yg xbranik nk stand ape2.. byk bende sure xbranik sbb takut org kecik ati.. tp btol la, psal anak kite akan jd branik.. huhu

    err, bahse lah keling sket ek? fhm ke lah cko ape? huhu

  2. act, kak fatin tak tinggal anak bila nurse/dr nak inject anak even though kak fatin takut or nangis n etc.. tp kak fatin n abg helmi tak penah tgk org injek cam cara nak tikam pegang pisau tuh.. i know i might sound like a b***h.. tp kak fatin pun pk dulu n confirmkan dgn abg helmi juga.. tp even tough abg helmi kata biar je la.. kak fatin tak sampai hati nak biar je nurse buat kat hariz lak.. sbb kak fatin n abg helmi dah tgk nurse yg sama buat dua kali dah camtuh.. sekali kat farizah, then kat farzana.. camne kak fatin bole nak biar mende sama berulang.. memula dia setuju tak cucuk cam tikam tuh.. so kak fatin pagar hariz dgn ayat kursi.. doa moga tak sakit sgt n hariz kuat.. tp biar dia nak argue blk.. ckp mmg camtuh cara nak injek.. maaf laa.. kak fatin kene buat ape yg patut..

  3. *after all.. bayaran kat hospital tuh bukan murah.. so kak fatin rase kak fatin ade hak nak pilih nurse juga.. tp kak fatin minta maaf kat nurse yg kasar tuh lepas hariz dah diinjek.. ckp kat dia," if u feel unhappy, I'm sorry"

  4. hehehe kalau apis sure lagi kasar ngan nurse tu at least fatin ckp elok2 hehehe...
    patutlaa kat sini kalau nak amik darah sure suruh parents kuar heheh...aritu sunatkan hafie (pas abis pantang) pun dr soh dok luar dgr je laa bdak tu melalak2 kat dlm..isk..kalau kita ada kat dlm room tu agaknya dah cancel dah sunat hehehe...

  5. apis.. tapi fatin rase gak cam sian kat nurse tuh.. fatin pk juga takut jatuhkan air muka dia.. sbb tuh ckp cara elok.. tp fatin bertegas jika fatin rase tak selamat.. sbb pk dia cam tikam.. sakit! lagi2 hariz kecil sgt lagi.. tuh yg kuatkan diri.. even abg helmi tak berapa setuju.. tp abg helmi tahu perangai fatin bila comes to hal anak.. penakut pun leh beranikan diri!